Transition – Moving to Secondary School

For most children, and their parents, the move to secondary school is an exciting time mixed with a little bit of apprehension but for some it can be a far more daunting prospect. It doesn’t help that the “Back to School” signs were appearing in major supermarkets before the Summer term had ended!

Schools treat the transition phase very seriously and work hard to make sure that the first few days and weeks at your child’s new school are as enjoyable and free from trauma as possible. Indeed you’ve both probably either visited your new school and had the opportunity to talk with the teachers and staff or they’ve been to see you.

It’s also worth realising that your child’s concerns will almost certainly be different from yours. You might be worried about how they are going to cope academically, whether they’ve got the right uniform and how long the new school run will take. They are probably more concerned about making new friends, finding their way around and not messing up. If they’ve got older siblings they have also had to listen to the horror stories about what happens to new pupils on their first day and how horrible Mr X or Mrs Y are and how hard the work is. All of these are of course heavily embellished or just not true!

Luckily there’s loads of advice out there and here’s a link to what I think is a particularly good guide

Have a great Summer.


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